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Chapter-by-Chapter Summary

Chapter Summary

The World’s Condition

This chapter details from the modern record just how lax our morals have become and what we and our children are engaging in today. Sex, crime, permissiveness, ethical issues and the decline of traditional religious beliefs are documented in this chapter.

Why We Love It

Despite how corrupt the world has become, there are few who really want to change or return to a more traditional society. We have become so selfish that we only focus on our own desires and seeing that our children get everything they desire despite the dangers in some cases. We will put up with a more dangerous world because to return to God means following Him and giving up sin. Many today have no conscience to help them see right from wrong or call them back to God. That is the real danger.

How We Got Here – Popular Psychology Movement

Our selfishness stems from the rise of this movement that encourages us to focus on ourselves. Parenting books taught us to be permissive and we are paying the price because our children have had minimal restrictions and engage in abhorrent acts.

How We Got Here – Evolution And its Errors

Evolution, the “secular religion” puts forth its theories and claims they are absolute truths that can’t be challenged. Yet, it is full of assumptions which are outlined in this chapter.

How We Got Here – Science And its Inaccuracies

While science has brought us many great advancements, it also relies upon current thinking which can change as new information becomes available. The scientist will fervently hold to his/her belief as absolute truth just as any God believing Christian will hold to his/her faith until new discoveries change that belief.

Special Study: I Found Your Soul

Science thinks it has found the soul. The only thing to note here is science’s misunderstanding of soul and spirit.

How We Got Here – Atheism And Its Distortions

Atheists use lies and distortions in an attempt to destroy the doubts that they have and not the faith of others. They proselytize with more vigor than many religions today.

Beginning Of The End – How God Dealt With Iniquity

The Bible is full of nations and empires who met their demise because God raised up another nation in order to punish them. Not that these conquering nations were righteous, but they were just the instrument of God

Beginning Of The End – Demise of Empires in the Common Era

Many cultures from the time of Christ have met their end by the hand of other nations. These are examined in this chapter. It shows their moral and religious decline came before their demise.

Beginning Of The End – Signs of Our Demise

Now that we learned how God has dealt with societies in the past and how he still works in the affairs of nations that preceded us we can look at the signs of our demise. If God punished nations when they became too wicked, we must not be fooled into believing that we can’t suffer the same punishment.

Out Of The Handbasket And Into The Light

This chapter looks at scripture and how God wanted us to worship Him. God’s Word, as given to his prophets and through Jesus and the Holy Spirit to the Apostles is the only authority we should have in our lives. It is the Word of God and we should return to it as our source for life.

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