Monday, September 17, 2007

I agree with Christopher Hitchens!

Christopher Hitchens is the popular atheist who wrote "God Is Not Good". Here is an excerpt from my book where I agree with one of his statements.

" There is one thing that Hitchens states that I agree is true. He challenges the Christian to admit that we have only faith to rely on and not facts.[1] That is true; we have nothing but a faith in God and a bunch of arguments to support that faith. What does the atheist have other than a faith that God does not exist and a bunch of arguments to support their faith. There is nothing more to say about a book that says nothing new.
[1] Hitchens, Christopher, “God Is Not Great”, Twelve Books, Paris, 2007, page 122."

My book differs from most other apologetic works in that I approach the detractors of Christianity and religion in general by exposing their lies, deceptions, errors, and changing hypotheses and theories. Their evidence is no better than ours, but neither camp has a smoking gun for its viewpoint. To the atheist I say, “Are you trying to kill my belief in God, or are you trying to kill your own doubts deep inside yourself about whether God exists or not?”

Habakkuk 2:4 states that the righteous will live by faith.


Carol said...

I've been avoiding this site because of the title. I thought YOU were saying this and was an atheist and liked the handbasket. I'm glad I looked again. Good blog!

Kenneth Morvant said...

Thanks for commenting. I will be posting more soon.