Wednesday, September 5, 2007


This book will be an eye opener as to what we have gotten ourselves into and what we must do to return to a relationship with God according to His will. The reader will be challenged to really look at the world’s condition and how it affects their daily lives. We don’t realize how much we are affected by society’s moral decline and this will show the reader what is happening around them and to them.

Our society’s condition is one of moral decay and religious decline. There are many problems that exist today. Religion is under attack by a progressively secular society, while perverse pleasures and other sins are celebrated and encouraged in the world. Our children are growing up with morals and without a conscience. In some cases they are encouraged to engage in behavior that was forbidden in the past. We put up with increased crime and abuses of every kind. We put up with these problems because we are self-absorbed. We do not desire to return to a more moral society because we may have to give up what we desire to engage in that may be against God’s Will. We have arrived at this juncture because of five secular faith destroyers. The popular psychology movement has created a society of selfish people who put themselves first instead of putting God and our fellow man first. We let our children down through neglect and permissiveness and it also fuels the neurosis of the masses. Evolution is advanced as absolute science when it is full of unprovable conclusions and inadequate theories. Science asks us to trust it as absolute truth, but its truth changes over time. Religion fails us today in many instances because it teaches us to focus on “Me” instead of God. The last faith destroyer is atheism the other “religion”. I say that because they are trying to proselytize everyone to their viewpoint at the altar of lies and distortion. Are they trying to destroy your faith or destroy their own doubts about whether there is a God?

The book takes a look at how God has dealt with iniquity in the past and then compares how empires and nations in our past met with the same fate. This shows that God is still active in the affairs of nations and causes one nation to rise up and punish other nations and rewarding faithful nations with prosperity. Then it outlines how we may be experiencing the same judgments based upon what is happening in America today.

The book concludes with what the Word of God says about having a relationship with Him. The scripture should be our only authority to guide us in worshiping Him.

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