Friday, November 2, 2007

Degradation of Society

If you are still not convinced that we are, as the title of my book says "Going To Hell In A Handbasket" then you probably have not seen or even heard of the Folsum Street Fair held in San Francisco. Sexual deviates of every stripe publicly display their decadence for all to see. One site with photos displays a warning before you can enter it at You can read other stories without having to subject yourself to the images on the site to get an idea of the activities engaged by these God haters. I suggest which has other news references to the event. They even had a poster mimicking the Lord's Supper by Michelangelo with leather clad, semi-nude characters for the Apostles and Jesus with sex toys for the food and cups. Some parents even brought their children to witness this event so that they could see the "diversity." God may give us free will to worship Him or not. The country may grant us the right of free speech. However, God will call on everyone to give an account in the end. If you don't know what He will judge us by (Bible) then how can you have confidence that He is pleased with our behavior.