Thursday, January 17, 2008

Clear Eyes

An interesting article can be found at and features a discussion with Ben Stein of "Clear Eyes" commercial fame about the assault by the scientific community on the First Amendment regarding Intelligent Design. He stated that he had always assumed that scientists were free to inquire about the origins of our world and mankind. However, as I have previously stated, there is a lot of evidence to show that any belief in Intelligent Design is met with censure by the scientific community. In the film "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" due out in February, Stein battles the Darwinians over the question of whether we were created or started out as slime struck by lightning. More info on the movie at . Additionally, Intelligent Design proponents state that medical research is being stifled by science's refusal to conduct Intelligent Design research which could yield breakthroughs in cancer research. When your eyes are clouded by prejudice, you are not open to the possibilities. Christians are called narrow-minded, intolerant and blind because of their simple faith in God, Christ and the Word. Science exhibits the same tendencies by their intolerance to Intelligent Design proponents. At least we can observe their actions, unlike evolution and other scientific beliefs.