Sunday, January 20, 2008

Do You Know Jack?

There was a recent Jack In The Box commercial that featured Jack and his wife in a hot tub with another couple. The other guy can only be described as looking like a 70's disco porn star. The women ask Jack if he is into "new things" and he says yes. Then the two women say, "Let's make a Jack sandwich!" If you have not seen the commercial, you can see it at . Once again we have an example of how pornography is becoming mainstream and not a marginalized culture like in the past. These commercials stream into our living rooms and we are slowly being degraded by these images until our conscience no longer sounds the alarm. Lot could not save anyone but his wife and two daughters. His wife was destroyed because she did not heed God's command to not look back at the wicked cities. How long will it go on before we don't look away anymore?

You may be saying,"Come on now, that's not so bad" and you would be reflecting the condition of society today. With little conscience to speak of and moral relativism as their mantra people do not realize that God and Jesus are displeased with us absorbing this filth on a daily basis and it is certainly affecting our children as this, and other similar commercials are not part of the late night programming. They play during prime time. It is no wonder that our children are engaging in sex at an earlier and earlier age. Would it shock you that children are engaging in sexual acts in elementary school? They are just imitating what they see every day on television and hear on the radio. We all grew up wanting to do what we saw the adults doing. We wanted to smoke and drink so we could be feel like we were adults. Not the best of habits to engage in as we found out later.

We have let God down by letting our children down. We are setting them up for sexual addictions and the endless search for the next sexual high when what they did at nine does not work when they are ten-years-old. We would be appalled if someone was encouraging children to smoke, drink or take drugs, but we don't see the sexual messages they are getting every day from everywhere in society. This is what we have when society decides it does not need to heed God's instructions. What we, His creation need to follow in order to be with Him forever. If this does not bother us, are we already a pillar of salt?


michael said...

Why would I want to give my money to a corporation that blatently pushes filth to advertise their product? I guess a few years down the line when Jack in the Box does a commercial that somehow suggests six men having sex with a twelve year old girl, you'll just say the Jack in the Box commercial is "edgy" and those backwards folk who find it disgusting just need to get over themselves and buy a burger.

"They are just selling burgers. They are just a fast food corporation. They are not a pornography studio. If you don't like the commercials, ignore them and just buy a burger or don't buy a burger...just get over it."

That they find pornography acceptable, even humorous, is horrific. People really need to reflect upon what happens to families with individuals addicted to porn, how marriages are damaged and destroyed, how that damages the children of these abused marriages, as well as further damaging the children of the unmarried.

Pornography is as addictive as any illicit and many legal drugs, quite possibly more. Would you have your loved ones strung out on drugs? Do you understand the monsterous, horrible lives that so many addicts lead? The sadness of their families, the horror they experience daily, the destruction they do to themselves and others, just because they cannot shake the bondage of the need for a fix. Addiction of all sorts work by the same basic mechanisms, and lead to the same ultimate, terrible consequences. Pornography is an addiction run rampant today.

It is not just the consumers of pornography that are being destroyed. Think about the corrupted people in that depraved industry. Those women and men are often strung out on drugs, often physically abused, always psychologically and spiritually abused, sometimes murdered, and often coerced or pursuaded to participate in the industry out of desperation or a foolish perception that pornography is simply another form of entertainment. Many of these poor souls by force, deception, or desperation enter this industry as CHILDREN. When you consume pornography, even if it is done by adults, you help sustain a business that preys upon and devours children, in front of the camera, in front of the television screen, and in front of the monitor.

And for those of you who might say that the majority of people in pornography are of age, what would that matter even if it is true, even though it is likely true? Would it be okay for your son or daughter to be part of this so long as they were 18 years or older? If the participant were 40, would it then be okay for them to destroy themselves, destroy others, and for you to participate in it and help support the industry and their destruction, and your family's destruction, and your own destruction by your viewership?

Sexuality can and is supposed to be a wonderful expression,from husband to wife or wife to husband, of admiration, adoration, and respect for the sacred, spiritual beauty that one is drawn to in the other in the many physical, psychological, and moral ways that beauty can be uniquely demonstrated. Sexuality corrupted is one of the great destroyers in the annals human history.

Please understand that I am not saying this to be accusatory, to be self-righteous, or to be cruel to you in any way. I am saying this because, when I was twelve years old, I found some pervert's stash of Playboys in the woods by my house. I'm 34 now, I have two degrees, and I am now that pervert. I am addicted to pornography. My education hasn't saved me, and, at the moment, is useless. More than a decade of my life was spent in a stuporous miasma of drugs in the attempt to avoid the horror of what was clear to my conscience when sober. I am alone, with hardly no friends and quite possibly I will never know love or marriage. And I have caused my family, despite their love and charity, great sadness, anxiety, and undeserved guilt due to the dissolution of my life. Because of the shame of my addiction, they hardly know what truly afflicts me, they do not conceive the strength of the bonds lust has over me, nor how its bonds, like any sinful bonds, invites new bondages--apathy, sloth, wrath,the pride expressed as privation and self-loathing that is despair. It does not matter that they do not understand; the pain and misery they feel for me and because of me is no less real, and even more poignant because of their helplessness to assist me.

I am addicted to pornography and it has, thus far, destroyed me. I have harmed my friends and loved ones as what I once was and whatever I might have been disintegrates into oblivion, I have harmed the strangers who produce this evil by my continuation to consume it and thus helping to keep it possible that they can produce it and be enslaved to that which provides them a living, I harm future would-be innocents, upon both sides of consumption and production that might never fall prey to this trap to which I have fallen prey if only I had not fallen along with others like me, and finally I harm myself. I, like all others mired in sin, am both victim and victimizer, because I did not ask to be assaulted by sin, but, once assaulted, I did not strike back at my attacker, and, in fact, chose to align with it, to my terror and shame.

I don't say these things to judge you, I say them to WARN you. I don't say these things to attack you, but instead to defend you from what does attack you, even if that is yourself. I say them in hopes that you will not be like me, that you will protect you children, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, friends, and strangers alike from becoming like me, or succumbing to that which is tyrant over me. I have not given up hope, I may escape this evil yet. But I may not, and many if not most caught up in the chains of pornography do not. I hope that you, your friends, and your loved ones know peace and happiness and joy, and that you will find contentment in the service and salvation of God through Christ. But, I know the evil which consumes me and which I buttress and I know the way to freedom, yet I cannot,so far, escape to God. C.S. Lewis said that you do not have a soul, you ARE a soul; you have a body. I know the state of my soul--myself--and I know the horrid consequences of it presently as well as the unimaginably hopeless, eternal consequences that may yet await me and still I cannot cease in my persistence to rebuke God, to partake in evil. That is addiction; that is bondage.

If you flirt with pornography or are caught in its vicious embrace, along with any other evil, I beg you to flee if you can to the peace of God. If you wish to but do not seem to be able to, never give up--God took the thief off of the cross next to Christ up unto heaven the very day of his death because he finally recognized God, recognized his own sin, and regretted his rebellion against God and His Son. God will accept you even in your last breath if you sincerely recognize your state of falleness and seek His salvation and and lordship over you. But the more you drown in your sin, the less likely you are to recognize that it is indeed your own sin which suffocates you, so, if you recognize your state now, you must fight against it now, lest you lose the strength to fight in the future or lose the light of reason by which you recognize you need to fight your sinfulness at all.

Kenneth Morvant said...

Thanks for the comment. I might add that those who would say, "Just change the channel" that our children are watching and are adversely affected by this filth. We can't supervise them 24/7and the "V" chip is only so good.