Friday, February 29, 2008

Just The facts Ma'am

Many are familiar with this line from the TV show Dragnet. "Just the facts ma'am." Well this could apply to just the headlines on Fox News today. "Mom arrested with pot in baby's system." "Teacher Allegedly Sends Boy Topless Pictures." "Deputy, Daughters Killed; 17-Year-Old Son Arrested." "Disciplinary charges filed against unspecified number of New Jersey SWAT team members who cavorted and posed for pictures with Hooters girls."

As Sonny and Cher once said, "The beat goes on." However, there is an answer to what we see every day. God offers us a refuse in Him that shelters and comforts us in the midst of what we see each and every day in this world. Dispite the terrible things we see and hear there is a refuse. I remember a painting named "Sanctuary" that depicted a small bird that was in her nest that was made in the sheltering cove of a rock jutting out of a raging sea. Dispite the stormy seas, the bird could find peace to nuture its young amidst the violence around her. That is what God offers us if we will accept His promise. The world may rage, but we have peace in our little world.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Wanted, bus drivers.

Just about every school bus out there has a bumper sticker advertising for bus drivers. Many people don't want to subject themselves to the unruly behavior of some of our kids and some who do find out the hard way that it is very frustrating.

We have always had those "bad eggs" that caused trouble in their youth. There was always a few youths who talked back to teachers, parents and other authority figures. However, it seems that we are raising a whole society of young people who can't deal with their anger in constructive ways. In the past it was rare when a young person talked back and/or hit an adult. Now we see video after video of fights on school buses between the students and the driver. We read of students attacking teachers and other adults. After all the wisdom dispensed in the how-to books on how to raise our children they are worse off than they were in the past. Discipline is no longer used to deal with unacceptable behavior as parents reason and negotiate with their children in an attempt to correct their behavior. What our children learn is that their are no consequences for their actions and they can get out of just about anything by negotiating. Then they face the world only to find out that when it comes to our laws, negotiation does not buy them completely out of the trouble they have made for themselves.

They learn this from their parents who will defend their behavior and fight to keep the authorities from disciplining their children. The school system can't win. The children act up and there is little they can do to stop it and then they face unruly parents who try to justify their children's behavior. One story on Fox News at,2933,331690,00.html covers the story of the mother that went on strike because of her children's behavior. When a news crew went to cover the story they were attacked by her children. I know that many of you may be saying that your children are not like that and I know that there are a lot of good kids out there, but these attacks and disrespectful behavior are growing in number over time. Without much of a conscience to control their behavior and anger in their lives they lash out from a lack of hope. A lack of hope creates despair that causes some to react violently to their situations because they feel that is all they can do and there are little consequences to their actions. Discipline, while not a task we like is necessary to raise good citizens that contribute to society and not add to its ills. Permissiveness is not love. When we love we guide our children down the right path and sometimes that includes punishment for violating rules. The new books on raising children are not working. Maybe we need to read the original book on the subject or have you "edited" those passages out of the Bible?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Get over it, or get it out! Make up your mind!

In my book, I mentioned the cross that was removed from the College of William and Mary campus. The campus president deemed that it might be offensive to some studying at the college. However, what the college did not find offensive was the "Sex Workers Art Show." While it is OK to remove a cross that represented the faith of its founders for the sake of other's feelings, they ignored the feelings of others and allowed this show to take place on the campus. While you may say that his resignation shows there is some sanity there, it must be noted that the student body has rallied to his defense (,2933,330470,00.html). When it comes to sex they say, "Get over it!" However, when it comes to religion they say, "Get it out!" They are offended because religion and its symbols cause a spark of conscience that they may be offending God and they can't have that. The absence of conscience that exists for our young people and their mentors is the most dangerous problem faced by society today. If you don't have a conscience, it can't be "pricked" and affected by a higher power. If you don't have a conscience, how can one be affected by ethics and general morals that even the secularists try to instill in our youngsters. Without God, they reason that there are no constraints or consequences to one's actions unless they are caught or catch something from their behavior.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Free Speech, or Agree Speech?

One of the problems I wrote about in my book deals with the freedom of academics to espouse their belief in creationism. A teacher was denied tenure just because he said that creationism should be explored just like any scientific theory. This story is featured at They not only deny tenure to those who believe in intelligent creation, but now they will deny tenure to someone who believes that creationism should be studied scientifically. Why is science afraid of that? You would think that they would welcome a serious study so that they could use the information to destroy it. Are they afraid that it might be plausible? I think so. The truth about their lies needs to be exposed to the masses so that they can see just what they are staking their eternity on before it's too late!

There is a petition supporting academic freedom at . Let them know that freedom, like the truth is a knife that cuts both ways.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I hate to say I told you so.

I'm sitting here writing my next book and what comes across the television screen, yet another shooting at Louisiana Tech in Baton Rouge, LA. This one follows the six killed in Kirkwood, MO by a disgruntled contractor and the botched robbery near Chicago that left five dead. Please pray for the families and friends of these victims. Lives are torn apart by the uncontrollable anger of someone who, in many cases have never been in trouble with the law. When we lose our faith in God it is no wonder that some feel that they have no other recourse than to harm others and themselves. When we feel that we are just another animal on the earth and it all means nothing because we will just cease to exist when we die then some come to the conclusion that in certain circumstances life is not worth living. Their anger is not tempered by forgiveness and it boils over in rage that affects so many lives. Yet, no one will face the fact that until we as a society return to God and embrace His love and follow Him we will never see better days. They may fluctuate, but unless we as Christians are vocal with the message of the gospel like other groups are vocal with their agendas then I don't see when or why the situation would improve. It is up to us.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Defending Their Rights To Pollute

Abercrombie & Fitch continue to stretch the limits of their rights verses the rights of communities to maintain some level of decency for their citizens. The latest flap is over posters confiscated by police because they violated the city's laws. You can read more about it here,2933,328227,00.html.

The posters show one young man with his pants half way down his buttocks and a woman with most of her breast showing. Abercrombie defends their right to display the posters, but what are really saying? They are saying that they have the right to pollute our society with their filth. Young children see these images and others in the public space and at home and are affected by it. That is why we have children performing sex in elementary schools. The only people who can't smell the sewage treatment plant are the people who live near it. We are numb to the harmful effects of it and like a person slowly freezing to death we don't feel it. We should rally against this like we would rally against some company that wanted the right to pollute our environment.

Combat Shopping

It used to be that the term "combat shopping" meant a bunch of people rushing into a store for the best sale of the season to get the best deals. Six women, just minding their own business in a store near Chicago faced one of our greatest fears. An animal, that is the only way you can describe someone who kills in cold blood, entered the store and killed five of the six people in that store. You can read more about the tragedy at,2933,328388,00.html.

The frequency of these massacres is growing, yet no one attributes it to our society and its emphasis on greed, selfishness, dehumanizing behavior, and a lack of conscience. This is what social engineering in the Twentieth Century has wrought. I think most know what would turn this around and make us a better society. However, no one wants to return to God and have a real relationship with Him, so regrettably I don't see an improvement in society's behavior. Evolution teaches us that we are just a bunch of animals with more intelligence (that's debatable) than the other creatures roaming the Earth. Even though our constitution states that everyone has the right to life, we still deny that right to millions of children every year.

If we want a better society, if we want individual responsibility and if we want to live in harmony, then there is only one way to achieve that goal. Otherwise, our cemeteries as well as our prisons will fill-up at an increasing rate over time.