Thursday, February 21, 2008

Get over it, or get it out! Make up your mind!

In my book, I mentioned the cross that was removed from the College of William and Mary campus. The campus president deemed that it might be offensive to some studying at the college. However, what the college did not find offensive was the "Sex Workers Art Show." While it is OK to remove a cross that represented the faith of its founders for the sake of other's feelings, they ignored the feelings of others and allowed this show to take place on the campus. While you may say that his resignation shows there is some sanity there, it must be noted that the student body has rallied to his defense (,2933,330470,00.html). When it comes to sex they say, "Get over it!" However, when it comes to religion they say, "Get it out!" They are offended because religion and its symbols cause a spark of conscience that they may be offending God and they can't have that. The absence of conscience that exists for our young people and their mentors is the most dangerous problem faced by society today. If you don't have a conscience, it can't be "pricked" and affected by a higher power. If you don't have a conscience, how can one be affected by ethics and general morals that even the secularists try to instill in our youngsters. Without God, they reason that there are no constraints or consequences to one's actions unless they are caught or catch something from their behavior.

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