Friday, February 8, 2008

I hate to say I told you so.

I'm sitting here writing my next book and what comes across the television screen, yet another shooting at Louisiana Tech in Baton Rouge, LA. This one follows the six killed in Kirkwood, MO by a disgruntled contractor and the botched robbery near Chicago that left five dead. Please pray for the families and friends of these victims. Lives are torn apart by the uncontrollable anger of someone who, in many cases have never been in trouble with the law. When we lose our faith in God it is no wonder that some feel that they have no other recourse than to harm others and themselves. When we feel that we are just another animal on the earth and it all means nothing because we will just cease to exist when we die then some come to the conclusion that in certain circumstances life is not worth living. Their anger is not tempered by forgiveness and it boils over in rage that affects so many lives. Yet, no one will face the fact that until we as a society return to God and embrace His love and follow Him we will never see better days. They may fluctuate, but unless we as Christians are vocal with the message of the gospel like other groups are vocal with their agendas then I don't see when or why the situation would improve. It is up to us.

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