Friday, February 29, 2008

Just The facts Ma'am

Many are familiar with this line from the TV show Dragnet. "Just the facts ma'am." Well this could apply to just the headlines on Fox News today. "Mom arrested with pot in baby's system." "Teacher Allegedly Sends Boy Topless Pictures." "Deputy, Daughters Killed; 17-Year-Old Son Arrested." "Disciplinary charges filed against unspecified number of New Jersey SWAT team members who cavorted and posed for pictures with Hooters girls."

As Sonny and Cher once said, "The beat goes on." However, there is an answer to what we see every day. God offers us a refuse in Him that shelters and comforts us in the midst of what we see each and every day in this world. Dispite the terrible things we see and hear there is a refuse. I remember a painting named "Sanctuary" that depicted a small bird that was in her nest that was made in the sheltering cove of a rock jutting out of a raging sea. Dispite the stormy seas, the bird could find peace to nuture its young amidst the violence around her. That is what God offers us if we will accept His promise. The world may rage, but we have peace in our little world.

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