Friday, February 22, 2008

Wanted, bus drivers.

Just about every school bus out there has a bumper sticker advertising for bus drivers. Many people don't want to subject themselves to the unruly behavior of some of our kids and some who do find out the hard way that it is very frustrating.

We have always had those "bad eggs" that caused trouble in their youth. There was always a few youths who talked back to teachers, parents and other authority figures. However, it seems that we are raising a whole society of young people who can't deal with their anger in constructive ways. In the past it was rare when a young person talked back and/or hit an adult. Now we see video after video of fights on school buses between the students and the driver. We read of students attacking teachers and other adults. After all the wisdom dispensed in the how-to books on how to raise our children they are worse off than they were in the past. Discipline is no longer used to deal with unacceptable behavior as parents reason and negotiate with their children in an attempt to correct their behavior. What our children learn is that their are no consequences for their actions and they can get out of just about anything by negotiating. Then they face the world only to find out that when it comes to our laws, negotiation does not buy them completely out of the trouble they have made for themselves.

They learn this from their parents who will defend their behavior and fight to keep the authorities from disciplining their children. The school system can't win. The children act up and there is little they can do to stop it and then they face unruly parents who try to justify their children's behavior. One story on Fox News at,2933,331690,00.html covers the story of the mother that went on strike because of her children's behavior. When a news crew went to cover the story they were attacked by her children. I know that many of you may be saying that your children are not like that and I know that there are a lot of good kids out there, but these attacks and disrespectful behavior are growing in number over time. Without much of a conscience to control their behavior and anger in their lives they lash out from a lack of hope. A lack of hope creates despair that causes some to react violently to their situations because they feel that is all they can do and there are little consequences to their actions. Discipline, while not a task we like is necessary to raise good citizens that contribute to society and not add to its ills. Permissiveness is not love. When we love we guide our children down the right path and sometimes that includes punishment for violating rules. The new books on raising children are not working. Maybe we need to read the original book on the subject or have you "edited" those passages out of the Bible?

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