Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Deconstructing Jesus

Many over the years have tried to diminish Jesus' divinity, miracles and claims. The latest to try this is Basic Instinct Director, Paul Verhoeven. He spent 20 years researching Jesus and all he can come up with is theory and conjecture about Jesus. Yet, I'm sure his claims will be met with much fanfare by the secular world that seeks to remove God from their lives. However, no serious scholar will even consider the validity of his claims because they are just speculation. No credible evidence has ever been produced to show that Jesus did not resurrect, or that He did not perform the miracles the Gospels document. Even secular accounts show that Jesus lived and his followers were being persecuted by the Romans. Josephus and others wrote concerning Jesus and His followers. This is covered in the last chapter of the book. Not to mention the fact that Christianity took off after the crucifixion of its leader and extreme persecution of its followers. Peter withdrew in fear when Jesus was arrested and spoke the first sermon after the resurrection. See my sermon at for Peter's turnaround. They can speculate all they want, but they can't diminish Jesus.

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preacherman said...

I love this blog too.
It is wonderful and encouraging.
I like that it makes you think.
Again, God bless you brother.
Keep up the great work in blogging.
It is so wonderful.
In Him,
Kinney Mabry