Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Teach Your Children Well

That song echos in my mind every time I see one of these stories in the news. This story at details an incident that happened recently. In it women urge their teens to fight. The problem for the condition of our society has to be laid squarely at our (parents) feet. If we don't encourage our children to do better, they never will. Of course, the problem is that many parents see no problem with they way they and their children are acting. Some even laugh when their children disrespect adults and use bad language. Teachers can't control their classrooms and our courts fill with those who break the law. Unfortunately, there are no PSA's calling attention of this crisis that is growing each day, but I have heard a few songs about it.

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preacherman said...

Wonderful post and blog.
Thanks for the link and sharing this with us.
May God bless you in all you do brother!