Sunday, January 20, 2008

Do You Know Jack?

There was a recent Jack In The Box commercial that featured Jack and his wife in a hot tub with another couple. The other guy can only be described as looking like a 70's disco porn star. The women ask Jack if he is into "new things" and he says yes. Then the two women say, "Let's make a Jack sandwich!" If you have not seen the commercial, you can see it at . Once again we have an example of how pornography is becoming mainstream and not a marginalized culture like in the past. These commercials stream into our living rooms and we are slowly being degraded by these images until our conscience no longer sounds the alarm. Lot could not save anyone but his wife and two daughters. His wife was destroyed because she did not heed God's command to not look back at the wicked cities. How long will it go on before we don't look away anymore?

You may be saying,"Come on now, that's not so bad" and you would be reflecting the condition of society today. With little conscience to speak of and moral relativism as their mantra people do not realize that God and Jesus are displeased with us absorbing this filth on a daily basis and it is certainly affecting our children as this, and other similar commercials are not part of the late night programming. They play during prime time. It is no wonder that our children are engaging in sex at an earlier and earlier age. Would it shock you that children are engaging in sexual acts in elementary school? They are just imitating what they see every day on television and hear on the radio. We all grew up wanting to do what we saw the adults doing. We wanted to smoke and drink so we could be feel like we were adults. Not the best of habits to engage in as we found out later.

We have let God down by letting our children down. We are setting them up for sexual addictions and the endless search for the next sexual high when what they did at nine does not work when they are ten-years-old. We would be appalled if someone was encouraging children to smoke, drink or take drugs, but we don't see the sexual messages they are getting every day from everywhere in society. This is what we have when society decides it does not need to heed God's instructions. What we, His creation need to follow in order to be with Him forever. If this does not bother us, are we already a pillar of salt?